Tips For Understanding Carpet

We need to understand carpet before we can clean it properly. When we look at carpet, we see the surface and don’t really focus on what is going on inside and underneath. When we walk on a carpet, the dirt and debris is pulled from the bottom of our shoes and captured by the carpet. Over time, that dirt will make its way to the bottom of the rug. This makes cleaning it difficult. This is why we will use commercial carpet cleaning services in Greenbelt to come in and with their machines pull the dirt from the fibers really making the carpet clean.

What types of fibers is it made of?

Carpets are made of many types of fibers.  Here are some types and their cleaning characteristics.

·    Nylon – has a matte finish, perfect for hiding dirt, you’ll want to vacuum it more often.

·    Wool – the most expensive kind of carpet fiber but very durable, it can be cleaned by using steam clean process. When machine cleaned, the fibers will not separate making it appear flat and dull.

·    Metalized nylon – very durable like nylon but with a little sheen to it.

·    Silk & Linen   most expensive of all carpet fibers.

How is it made?

Carpet can be sewn in different ways.  Here is how:

·    Power loomed – made in wide widths

·    Cut and glued – individual pieces of fabric are cut to the size needed and then glued together to make the width they need for larger carpeting jobs

·    Hand-tufted –  most expensive method where each individual yarn is placed into the backing piece by hand

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What makes it wear out?

So what causes the carpet to look worn, dirty and old?  Some of the reasons include:

·    Moisture – makes dirt stick to the fibers which in turn is then pulled up as you walk across it. This is why people with a lot of foot traffic have dirty looking carpet.

·    Heat – makes the dirt and oils stain the carpet. Most often people will put their rugs in front of heat sources to keep them warm but this can also fry your carpets fibers making it look old and worn.