How To Style Up Your Sporting Looks

It is a common thing to have uniforms and other sporting attire look drab and boring. However, if you are looking to kick it up a notch, patagonia clothing is a great option to look into. These clothes are not only functional but stylish. They will allow you to stand out on the field unlike anyone else. When visiting Beaver Sports the other day I picked up some stuff for my kids soccer game.

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Tip #1 – Look for colors and patterns that are not commonly used.  

I picked up a bright coral shirt that has a nice print on it for my daughter. Not only that, but the shirt is made of smart technical material which allows her to perform better in her game while still looking great.  

Tip #2 – Get creative with how you wear your clothes.    

For example, a single shirt can be worn as decent looking pants during the fall season.  I like to do this with long sleeve shirts that have enough fabric to look good on me.  

Tip #3 – Have items for both cold and hot weather conditions.  

The right clothing is essential if you want your style to look great throughout the seasons.  A good base layer will help with this.  

Tip #4 – Think outside the box when it comes to clothing design and material type.  

Many of us want classic looking clothes, but I like to choose new styles that are out there and either find something similar or make my own pattern for them.  With the right sewing skills, you can make it work.

Tip #5 – Try to have a unique style that is all your own.  You want to be remembered by what you wear when playing in sports because you look good doing it.  

Tip #6 – Always remember that comfort comes first when picking out clothing.